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Paintings, Murals, Vehicle Art, Clothing, and Merchandise

by Bryan Anthony

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Vehicle Art
I saw a greetings card that had a photograph of a VW camper bus, which had been painted in bright colours
 and beautiful art.
This was another instant 'I gotta do that' moment.
I bought myself a Ford Transit, converted it into a camper van, and have been painting the exterior since March 2013.
I am continually inspired to add more paintings, so it is a work in progress.


Front December 2015


RH side July 2014

Nose of the dolphin

RH side turtles

RH Side January 2016

Seahorses January 2016

LH Side July 2014


Head of the Phoenix

Painting the Rainbow Serpent December 2015

Dragons head

Work in Progress 2015

Rainbow Serpent


Rear October 2013

Rear Doors Upper

Female giraffes head and neck

Male giraffes head


Commission on a van in Portugal 2015

commission on camper Portugal 2016
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