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Smiley Cats
It's amazing how the Universe works.  While helping some folks to look after their animals, on a farm in the Black Forest, Germany, it was jokingly  suggested by Aunt Cecelia (not my Aunt) to lay her favourite cat on a piece of paper, and draw around it.  Instead I painted 'Maxley' in a simple style, with a few dots included, as I do love dots in my pieces. See his picture in the gallery.
I really enjoyed this.  Next I painted Crazy Cat in a friend's house by the Bodensee. This has truly inspired me to take a new direction with my work, hence the Smiley Cat Collection.

Aunt Cecelia's Maxley

Smiley Stripey Cat 1

Smiley Pink Cat 1

Smiley Santa Cat 1

Smiley Lucky Black Cat 1

Smiley Buttercup Cat

Smiley Red Cat 1

Smiley Bendy Blue Cat

Smiley Yogi Yoga Cat 1

Smiley Celtic Wedding Cats
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